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Request for Security Officer

  1. To Groveland Police Department

    1. The undersigned has applied for use of Lake David Park on

  2. 2. The function is required to have a sworn law enforcement officer in attendance during the hours the building will be used for the intended function. The security officer will be required to be present from

  3. 3. I understand that the security officer will be paid $33 per hour during attendance. Further, the Police Department will notify City Hall by endorsement of this letter that an officer has been hired in order for the application for use of the building to be approved. (Keys to the building will not be issued without this endorsement.) Payment for this security service will me made to the officer for the task and there will be a minimum 2 hour charge.

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  5. Police Department Endorsement

    The above application was received and the applicant has agreed to pay the security officer $33 per hour for his/her services. The officer assigned on the date requested will be

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