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Special Event Permit

  1. PER ORDINANCE 2010-04-11

    An application for a SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT shall be filed not less than 21 days before the date on which the event is scheduled to take place.

  2. Organization HeadQuarters

  3. Representative

  4. Applicant (If Different)

  5. Upload a map showing exact route to be traveled by parade.

  6. Upload approximate number of people, animals, and vehicles participating (include description of types of animals and vehicles).

  7. Will the parade occupy all of the width of a street, roadway, or sidewalk?

  8. If a state roadway is used, upload a copy of the permit issued from the state.

  9. Fireworks Requirements

  10. Upload a detailed listing of the type and quantity of fireworks to be used.

  11. Upload a detailed written statement outlining all appropriate safety procedures, which will be used at fireworks display in order to protect the safety of the public and all, surrounding property.

  12. Upload a detailed written statement describing what facilities and containers will be used to store fireworks.

  13. If applicable, upload the applicants federal license number for transporting fireworks across state line.

  14. Upload a detailed list of names, addresses, occupations, and backgrounds of all individuals who will be responsible for the actual display, use or explosion of any fireworks. The backgrounds statement should include a complete history of the experience of the individuals involved with respect to their use to fireworks, including a detailed list and explanation of each and every accident resulting from the use of fireworks, which the individual has been responsible for, or involved in.

  15. Upload a map showing exact launches point and area of fallout.

  16. Agreement*

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