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Business Tax Receipt Application

  1. Instructions

    No business tax receipt shall be issued until applicable city, county and state laws are complied with including, but not limited to, building, zoning, fire control and health. This application must be filled out completely. If not applicable, write in "N/A." All business tax receipts cost $40, except for liquor stores.

  2. Application is hereby made for:*

  3. Business Information

  4. Describe the business in detail.

  5. (If different from business location)

  6. (Attach separate sheet if necessary)

  7. If the operator or manager of the business is different than the applicant, please list the name, address and telephone number for the operator / manager (other than your business' information).

  8. Proof of Registration

    Any business, profession or occupation operating in the City of Groveland must provide proof of the registration with the State of Florida:

    • Corporations, Trademarks, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies
    • Limited Liability and General Partnerships
    • Cable Franchises
    • Fictitious Names (Including Business Names Using DBA)

  9. Application Requirements

  10. The following documents are required at the time of application (if applicable):

    • Application
    • Current County Business Tax Receipt
    • Federal Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number
    • Proof of Registered Officers / Directors With the State of Florida (
    • Proof of Fictitious Name Registration (This Includes DBA) (
    • Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (if Regulated by DBPR)
    • Department of Health (Submit Active State Certificate, Registration or License)
    • Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Food Safety
    • Certificate of Occupancy (if New Business)

  11. The above named business does not need to comply with the Fictitious Name Act for the following reason:

  12. Serve Alcohol

    (Attach a copy of Liquor License)

  13. (If applicable, attach a copy of the inspection report from the Division of Hotels and Restaurants.)

  14. (Attach a copy of State Operator’s License)

  15. Tanning Beds

    (Attach a copy of Health Department)

  16. Contractor, Professionals etc.

    (Attach a copy of State Certification DBPR)

  17. Exemptions From the Business Tax Receipt

    (Please check one if applicable)

  18. F.S. 205.162: Exemption for certain disabled persons, the aged, and widows with minor dependents

    All disabled persons physically incapable of manual labor, widows with minor dependents, and persons 65 years of age or older (with no more than one employee or helper, and who use their own capital only, not in excess of $1,000.00) shall be allowed to engage in any business or occupation in counties in which they live without being required to pay for a business receipt.

    The exemption provided by this section shall be allowed only upon the certification of a reputable physician, stating that the applicant claiming the exemption is disabled, along with the nature and extent of the disability.

    In case the exemption is claimed by a widow with minor dependents, or a person over 65 years of age, proof of the right exemption shall be made.

  19. F.S. 205.192: Exemption for charitable, etc., organizations; occasional sales, fundraising

    No business tax receipt shall be required of any charitable, religious, fraternal, youth, civic, service, or other such organization when the organization makes occasional sales or engages in fundraising projects when the projects are preformed exclusively by the members thereof and when the proceeds derived from the activities are used exclusively in the charitable, religious, fraternal, youth, civic, and service activities of the organization.

  20. F.S. 205.171: Exemptions allowed disabled veterans or their unremarried spouses

    • Any permanent resident of Florida who served during any of the specified periods (identified in s.1.01(14) ) who was honorably discharged from any of the United States Armed Forces, and who at the time of his or her application for a business tax receipt is disabled from performing manual labor shall be entitled to an exemption up to $50 on any tax receipt to engage in any business or occupation in the state which may be carried on mainly through the personal efforts of the applicant as a means of livelihood when the state, county, or municipal tax receipt for such business or occupation.
    • If the business tax exceeds the sum of $50, the remainder of such business tax in excess of $50 shall be paid.
    • Such license shall be marked "Veterans Exempt Receipt - Not Transferable"
    • The proof may be made by establishing to the satisfaction of such tax collecting authority by means of a certificate of honorable discharge or certified copy that the applicant is a veteran which may include one or more of the following:
      • Certificate of government-rated disability to an extent of 10% or more:
      • The affidavit or testimony of a reputable physician who personally knows the applicant stating the applicant is disabled from performing manual labor as a means of livelihood
      • The certificate of the veteran's service officer of the county in which the applicant lives attesting the fact that the applicant is disabled and entitled to receive a tax receipt within the meaning and intent of this section
      • Pension certificate issued to him or her by the United States by reason of such disability
      • Any other reasonable proof to establish the fact that such applicant is so disabled
    • The unremarried spouse of a deceased disabled veteran of any war in which the United States Armed Forces participated is entitled to the same exemptions as the disabled veteran.

  21. Disclaimer

    In no event, under this or any other law, shall any person, veteran or otherwise, be allowed any exemption whatsoever from the payment of any amount required by law for the issuance of a Business Tax Receipt to sell intoxicating liquors or malt and vinous beverages.

  22. Late Payment Penalty

    A license is not valid for more than one year and all licenses expire on September 30th of each year, except as otherwise provided by law. Any person who shall operate or continue to operate a business without having either taken out a new Business Tax Receipt or renewed an existing Business Tax receipt by November 1st shall be subject to a 10% penalty for the month of October, plus an additional 5% penalty for each subsequent month of delinquency thereafter until paid. However, the total delinquency penalty may not exceed 25% of the Business Tax Receipt for the delinquent establishment.

  23. Agreement

    Under penalty of perjury, I certify that the foregoing information is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true and accurate.

    I acknowledge that that a Receipt issued pursuant to this application does not waive requirements of any city, county, state or federal ordinance, statute or regulation that I must meet prior to entering the business, profession or occupation for which the Receipt is sought. I have or will comply with all such requirements.

    I acknowledge that a Receipt issued pursuant to this application does not indicate that the parcel of land upon which I intend to operate is properly zoned for the activity I intend. It is my responsibility to verify compatible zoning with the appropriate zoning authority prior to commencing operations.

    I acknowledge and understand that any false information given will cause this license to be automatically revoked and shall constitute the operation of the business as being without a license and subject to the penalties set forth in section 1-12 of the City Code of Ordinances.

    I acknowledge and agree to any and all Fire Safety Inspections and Code Enforcement Inspections, and Certificate of Occupancy requirements with or without prior notice.

    Every business, occupation or profession must file an application on the prescribed from with the City Clerk, signed by an officer, partner or owner of the business.

  24. Owner, Officer or Partner

  25. Office Use Only

  26. Leave This Blank: