What if my application is incomplete?

Grants will be awarded to qualified business and organizations on a first come, first serve basis, based upon the eligibility, the accuracy and the completeness of the application. So, an incomplete application will cause a delay in the review process which may be impacted by depletion of funds. Until programs funds have been depleted, if your application is determined to be incomplete upon initial review, your application will be forwarded onto a next-level reviewer who will reach out via email to address incompleteness. In order to be awarded a grant, the issue(s) and/or missing information would need to be submitted, reviewed, and approved before the allocated funding is depleted.

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1. What is the first step to apply for the business assistance grant?
2. How do I get assistance to apply for the business assistance grant?
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4. How do I know which industry to select?
5. What are the options under “Additional Industry Information”?
6. My business in not on the “Additional Industry Information” list above. Am I still eligible?
7. I am Self-Employed, how do I use the Full-Time Equivalent Calculator?
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9. Where can I find the following documents to submit with the application?
10. How do I obtain the most recent State of Florida business filing Annual Report for my business?
11. What is the website for the IRS Form W-9?
12. What information do I have to fill out on the IRS Form W-9?
13. If my application is fully approved, how will the funds be disbursed to my business?
14. Am I able to save and come back to my application?
15. What is the review process?
16. What if my application is incomplete?