Why am I not qualified for the grant?

City of Groveland recognizes that our small businesses needed additional support, created this program with the assistance of the federal government to help mitigate some of the costs that impacted our small business community. The program is for Businesses in the City Limits of Groveland who faced hardships during the pandemic. If you need that you should qualify for the grant please reach out to us at GrovelandCARESAct@gmail.com.

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1. How is the Groveland CARES Small Business Assistance Grant amount determined?
2. What are the For-Profit Business Eligibility requirements of the business assistance grant?
3. What are the Non-Profit Eligibility requirements of the business assistance grant?
4. May an IRS Form 1099-MISC be submitted instead of an IRS Form 1040 - Schedule C for self-employed individuals?
5. What is the timeline to apply?
6. Do I need to pay the money back?
7. How soon will I receive the business assistance grant funds?
8. Is there a list of what expenses are allowed under the business assistance grant funds?
9. What happens when all the business assistance grant program funding is awarded?
10. How do I get assistance to apply for the business assistance grant?
11. What other resources are available to my business?
12. Is the amount of the grant enough to help our local businesses?
13. Is the online application available in any languages other than English?
14. I am a sole proprietor business and the only person working in my business. Does that disqualify me from this grant?
15. My small business operates a franchise, do I qualify for the grant program?
16. I have more than one business; May I apply for each of my businesses?
17. I own several small businesses, are all my businesses eligible for the grant program?
18. How do I indicate that my business was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 emergency?
19. I am contesting a code violation or currently have a pending legal matter with Groveland. Do I qualify for the program?
20. What is the definition of “employee” for this program?
21. What payroll information is required for organizations that have 2 or more employees?
22. I have applied but have not been approved or did not receive funding for PPP or EIDL. Do I qualify for the grant?
23. I received a small amount after I applied for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). Do I qualify for the grant?
24. Although I intend for my business to be open again, the doors are currently closed. Does this disqualify me for the business assistance grant?
25. Am I eligible to apply if I live in another County, but my business is physically located in Lake County?
26. How do I know if my business is a publicly traded company?
27. Why am I not qualified for the grant?
28. I do not have a computer; how can I apply for the grant?
29. How much funding is allocated to the business grant program?