Florida Vernacular Home Plans Ready for Permitting

Welcome to this week’s Wednesday Workshop, where we will take a look at a new program our Community Development/Building Division is planning to implement soon.

In Groveland’s new Community Development Code we are encouraging our Building Partners to build traditional style homes and buildings that capture the Florida Vernacular Architectural style. In order to facilitate the use of this style and design of homes and buildings, our Building Division is enlisting the aid of local architects to provide us with a variety of plans.  

Not only will we have single family plans, but also cottages, accessory dwelling units, duplexes, townhomes and live work units. These homes range in varying price points to appeal to most prospective residents.

Once we have confirmed the construction plans are code compliant they will be offered to our local builders as preapproved, ready to build homes. Builders wishing to take advantage of our ‘ready to build, preapproved plans’ will contact the architect of the desired plans to arrange for their use.

This process will help our builders with the learning curve as they adjust to the new architectural style. It will save permitting time of approximately one to two weeks due to the plans already being approved.

What is the Florida Vernacular style? In our Wednesday Workshop on Florida Vernacular Architecture, we learned “the elements are rooted in the practical responses to the state’s humid, subtropical climate. This traditional style represents an intimate understanding of the local environment”.  

If you drive around some of the older areas of Groveland and many other Florida cities, you will see many fine examples of this style. They are on raised foundations with steps up to the large covered front porches and smaller back porches. There are no attached garages, the garages are in the back with some accessible from rear alleys while others have driveways from the front street. They have many windows to allow for cross ventilation. Some have metal roofs.  They are all wonderful examples of fine wood workmanship.

Back in the day, before TV, people would sit on their front porches where they would see and interact with their neighbors. Florida Vernacular homes promote true neighborhoods.

The Image Gallery includes several examples of the homes that will be offered through our ‘ready to build, preapproved plans’. Thank you for joining us today and remember to stay tuned for future Wednesday Workshop posts! 

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