The City of Groveland Aquaponic Farm

Welcome to this week’s “Wednesday Workshop,” where we explore the key components behind Groveland’s natural charm. This week we will discuss one of the City’s new and exciting projects: the City of Groveland Aquaponic Farm!  

The Aquaponic Farm is a new collaborative project between Backyard Farm Express and the City of Groveland. Aquaponics, the combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics, involves an ecosystem-like indoor farm that raises both fish and vegetables in a symbiotic, soil-less system. The waste from the fish serves as nutrients for the plants, and in turn, the plants purify the water that cycles within the system. At the City of Groveland Aquaponic Farm, tilapia will be grown in tanks alongside fruit and vegetable crops. 

The Farm is designed, first and foremost, to demonstrate the consistent year-round production of fresh, high quality, clean produce for the local community. The Farm can produce over 10 tons of fresh, healthy food each year. The produce grown at the City of Groveland Aquaponic Farm is destined for local Groveland residents and businesses. Residents will be able to purchase produce at an on-site farm stand as well as at one satellite location. All unsold farm products will be donated to local food pantries or food banks, with priority given to those located within the City of Groveland.

Further, the Aquaponic Farm will serve the community as an educational and demonstration garden that can be replicated on a smaller scale at home. The Farm will offer new opportunities to engage Groveland youth as the City intends to work closely with local schools to arrange tours and classes. Programs at the Farm will also engage seniors with tours and classes.

In sum, there will be many benefits to the public from this project, including: 

  • Enhanced community resiliency and food security from increased local food supply
  • New availability of high quality, fresh, nutrient-rich produce to local residents
  • Creates a tangible aspect to Groveland's commitment to modern agriculture
  • Provides aquaponic tours and workshops to the public
  • Provides a social media network platform for residents to communicate with each other, as well as Backyard Farm Express staff and local experts, on maintaining backyard hobby systems
  • Improved health of residents through education provided in Aquaponic Educational Tours on the farm
  • Great destination for local school field trips
  • Contributions to local food pantry, helping residents in need
  • A City project worthy of positive news coverage contributing to City pride

This project is scheduled to commence this fall with produce coming soon after! The Image Gallery offers a preview of what is to come, including the Farm’s potential layout and pictures of past Aquaponic projects provided by Backyard Farm Express. Thank you for tuning in and we look forward to the next Wednesday Workshop! 

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