Utility FAQ

Utility Bill Repayment Options

* No late fees or shutoffs for June 2020

* Starting with bills due July 1st start to collected the outstanding balances over 3 months if account has a balance greater than $25.00

* If a Resident desires to have a repayment period greater than 3 months to complete a simple hardship repayment extension. If granted allow their accounts to be repaid over 12 months. Hardship Extention Request

* Resident will be required to keep current with monthly billings.

* While on the Repayment Proposal or hardship extension, if the account is due a deposit refund, the deposit will be applied to the outstanding balance prior to any overage being returned to the customer.

Repayment Examples

Minimum Balance & Minmum Bill

Average Balance & Minimum Bill

Average Balance & Average Bill

Beginning Balance

 $           25.00

 $            75.27

 $       75.27

Billing Due July 1st

 $           61.19

 $            61.19

 $       75.27

Payment for July 1st

 $          (69.52)

 $          (86.28)

 $   (100.36)

Balance after July 1st Payment

 $           16.67

 $            50.18

 $       50.18

Billing Due August 1st

 $           61.19

 $            61.19

 $       75.27

Payment for August 1st

 $          (69.52)

 $          (86.28)

 $   (100.36)

Balance after August 1st Payment

 $              8.34

 $            25.09

 $       25.09

Billing Due September 1st

 $           61.19

 $            61.19

 $       75.27

Payment for September 1st

 $          (69.53)

 $          (86.28)

 $   (100.36)

Balance after September 1st Payment

 $                  -  

 $                   -  

 $              -  

Videos to help with using the Utility Billing website have been added to the right hand side of this page under the heading "Utility Billing Instructional Videos".

Why are we getting a new bill? 

There are two reasons the City decided to generate a new bill. The first is to consolidate those who receive a bill for water and a bill for reclaimed water, into one single bill. The second is to provide an updated and refreshed look for a more visual quick understanding of the bill.

Why am still I getting two bills? 

The bills are being consolidated by the Service Address and Account information. It is possible that your household could still be receiving two bills instead of one, due to your account information not matching. This can be fixed by making sure your accounts have the same information.

What’s with all the colors? 

The bill was redesigned to allow colors to represent a service throughout the bill.

  • Blue: Represents information related to your potable water usage and charges.
  • Yellow: Represents information related to your sewer usage and charges.
  • Green: Represents information related to your environmental services charges (Recycling and Trash Pickup).
  • Grey: Represents information related to your miscellaneous and reclaimed water usage and charges.
  • Red: Represents important dates and reminders of any potential past due balances.

Will I have to change my direct debit information? 

Yes, you will have to provide information to the new company. The updated bill is linked to different company who processes all direct payments. If you have signed up for direct debit from your bank account, or draft from you credit card, you will need to update those by creating an account with the new system at: https://groveland.billingdoc.net/login. At this website, you will be able to receive your bills electronically, set-up updated automatic payments and join multiple addresses together. (Example: Primary house and secondary house bills through one log-in.)

Why am I being charged a convenience fee? 

The processing of credit cards incurs fees, which are charged by the banks, credit card processors and the credit card companies themselves. There are two ways in which these fees can be paid, either through increasing the overall rates to cover the charges or to pass on the transactional fee costs to the customers who chose to pay with fees. With the City needing to adjust the rates last year, it was decided that these fees should be passed on to the customer instead of including them into the rates.

I’m having issues using my Account Number on the new site. 

The new site is utilizing the “Web ID” from the old bills, for the account number on the new bills. This was to make it easier to utilize and to minimize issues. The new bill references this number as the account number moving forward.

How to create an account? 

Account Creation Video 

  • From the website https://groveland.billingdoc.net/login, click “Create An Account”. The next screen will ask you for your name, email address and prompt you to create a password.utility bill create account screen
  • When you log-in after creating your account, it will ask you for your confirmation code. This code was emailed to you. This may take a few minutes, please check your Junk folder if you did not receive one.  utility billing account confirmation screen
  • Once confirmed, you will be able to add in your account numbers. Please use the account number from the new bill, or “Web ID” from the old bill and part of your name.utility bill account number add screen
  • Once you hit “Submit,” your account will be added to the profile.

Why is there no History?

The new system creates the history as it happens after your account is created. New bills will be provided to the portal and the payment history will be updated as well. With each passing month, the information will be retained for your reference.

How do I set up a payment method and add autopay? 

Setup Payment Video          Autopay Video

  •   Select “Payment Methods” on the left-hand side of the screen and click “add payment method.”add payment screenutility add payment method screen
  • Complete all required information for your payment method and select save. Once you’ve saved payment method, go to settings. AutoPay is the first thing set-up. For your account number click the “+” button off to the right.  Select which day of the month, which month to start and which payment method to use and click “Save AutoPay Plan.”autopay screenchoose date screen
  • Once completed, your payment method and next payment date will be displayed. Your autopay is now setup.autopay confirmation screen