Water Conservation

The City of Groveland encourages its customers to do their part to conserve our most precious resource to ensure availability for future generations. Proper conservation can be achieved by reducing wasteful uses of water sources. The City of Groveland is dedicated to protecting this resource through practical water use efficiency, regional approaches to water conservation, and alternative water supply initiatives.


Water Scam Awareness

Please be aware of water testing gimmicks. Some companies solicit business through door hangers and mail made to look official. They may say that it is recommended for your water to be tested on a regular basis or that there may be harmful bacteria in your water or other similar phrases aimed to alert your senses. You may presume the material is a sales pitch, unless the material includes the official City of Groveland logo and address.

Potable Water System

The City of Groveland water utility system is governed by numerous state and federal rules and regulations. The City of Groveland tests the potable water system daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually for the health and safety of our consumers. Copies of the city's Annual Water Quality reports are available online.

The City of Groveland withdraws its water from the Floridan Aquifer through wells ranging in depth from approximately 450 to 700 feet deep.The water, typically of good standards, is disinfected and pumped throughout the system to customers.The potable water system is routinely monitored and tested by state certified personnel to ensure quality and safety.

For additional information on the potable water system, please contact the Public Utilities Department at 352-429-0227.

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