Reclaimed Water

Attention Reclaimed Water Customers

Please take the time to read the following important message regarding your reclaimed water service.

What is reclaimed water?

Reclaimed water is domestic wastewater which has been treated and disinfected to a high degree such that it can be safely used to irrigate golf courses and residential lawns. Reclaimed water must meet strict water quality requirements established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Although reclaimed water meets most of the drinking water standards and is safe for human contact, it is not intended for use as drinking water .

Why use reclaimed water?

Using reclaimed water conserves drinking water supplies and reduces discharge of domestic wastewater to surface waters.

What can you do with reclaimed water?

  • Irrigate your lawn.
  • Irrigate flower gardens.
  • Irrigate trees and shrubs .
  • Wash your car.
  • Wash your boat.

What can't you do with reclaimed water?

  • DO NOT DRINK reclaimed water.
  • Do not connect any pipes to your reclaimed water pipes.
  • Do not connect your reclaimed water pipes to any other pipes.
  • Do not use reclaimed water to fill swimming pools, hot tubs or wading pools
  • Do not use reclaimed water in children's water toys (i.e., water guns, slip and slides, etc.)
  • Do not use reclaimed water to irrigate edible crops (i.e., vegetables or fruits) that WILL NOT be peeled, skinned or cooked before being eaten.

Your reclaimed water system will be periodically inspected by the City of Groveland. Improper use of reclaimed water will result in termination of your service and/or other penalties.

What is the quality of reclaimed water?

Each year, the City of Groveland analyzes the reclaimed water for parameters listed as drinking water standards. A copy of the results is available at your request. If you have any questions, please contact the Utilities Department at (352) 429-0227.

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