Fire Prevention / Inspection

Frank PattersonThe mission of Fire Prevention is to prevent or limit the occurrence of fires and other hazards within the City of Groveland.  We are committed to ensuring a safe environment for the businesses, the citizens and the visitors to our city.

The fire inspectors are certified by the State of Florida as Life Safety Inspectors and are tasked with enforcing all applicable life safety and fire protection requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Florida Fire Prevention Code, the Florida Building Code and the City of Groveland Municipal Codes and Ordinances.

The Fire Prevention staff work to ensure proper fire and life safety in all new construction as well as, existing commercial buildings and multi-residential units within the City.

As a member of the City’s Development Review Board, Fire Prevention reviews site plans and meets with developers regarding developments within the City.  Along with this, the Fire Inspector works with other City officials to update the City’s ordinances and land development regulations to provide for improved fire protection and other emergency services.