Groveland Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)

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The Groveland CRA was formed in May of 2002. The Community Redevelopment Area runs generally along State Road 50, from just east of Green Valley Boulevard to the city's westerly limits. The CRA boundaries include all of the historic downtown commercial area. There are over 1,500 acres in the CRA.

Purpose of the CRA

The City’s purpose in establishing the CRA is to address documented conditions of slum and blight within the City and to guide redevelopment activities in order to build a vibrant and attractive downtown. The Groveland CRA has four (4) Redevelopment Strategies to guide the City’s redevelopment efforts.

Four Point Action Plan

A Vision for the Groveland Redevelopment Area

  1. Activate Opportunity Sites (attract development)
  2. Infrastructure Improvements (support activity in Downtown)
  3. Business Recruitment and Retention (economic development)
  4. Reinforce Connections (themes / wayfinding / streetscape)

Through the CRA Board's leadership and continuous community input, the City is dedicated to addressing conditions of slum and blight within the CRA. The Community Redevelopment Agency uses the tax dollars collected within the Redevelopment Area to fund infrastructure improvements, public realm improvements and business assistance programming. This encourages private developers to invest within the Redevelopment Area.  This public-private partnership will result in increased economic activity and job creation within the Redevelopment Area for Groveland residents and an ever growing commercial and service base within the City. 

The City of Groveland has continued making improvements to the environment and utility of the Redevelopment Area for community benefit. Under the CRA Board’s leadership and through conscious partnerships, the CRA has completed notable projects that revitalize, support, and encourage growth within Groveland.

In October 2021, the Florida Redevelopment Association honored the City of Groveland’s CRA with a prestigious award for Lake David Park in recognition of their accomplishments.

CRA Board FRA AwardFrom left to right: Dan Murphy, CRA Manager; Vice Mayor Randolph Waite; Thomas Clark, CPWG; Councilwoman Barbara Gaines; Toni Shamplain, FRA President; Mayor Evelyn Wilson; Dina Sweatt, CRA Board Member; Councilman Mike Smith

We encourage input from residents, business owners, property owners, and the development community.

Come Grow with Us!

CRA Opportunity Site Brochure

Come Grow with Us!