Protecting Your Mobile Home

Mobile homes are not safe during a violent windstorm and should not be utilized as shelter. Mobile homes are a good alternative to site built homes for housing, but are not built to the same standards as site built homes. Make arrangements to stay with a relative or friend during a hurricane. Don't plan on shelters. Shelters are usually opened only as a last resort and that may not even be in your area.

Planning Ahead

When you evacuate, plan ahead and bring those items you and your family will need. Also, plan now to have an out of town contact you and your family can contact after the storm. Many times family members who live out of the area try to contact those in the storm's area to find out about their well being. This ties up phone lines and cellular capabilities rescuers need to accomplish their mission.

If you contact one person out of state that everyone else knows to contact, you can communicate with your loved ones that you are alright. View the Planning Ahead page for more information

Tips for Manufactured Home Owners

Before the storm arrives, know to where you are going to evacuate. The most important thing you can do for your safety is not stay in a mobile home during a hurricane. Install tie down or anchor systems per code. This may lessen the damage to your home or the damage your home may cause others. Remove hazards from the outside of your home which may become missiles during a windstorm, such as lawn furniture.

Much of the damage caused during a storm is from flying debris. Take important records and documents with you when you evacuate. Either remove them or store them in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box. Check to see if your land is in a flood zone and be sure you have appropriate insurance information for flooding and wind. Don't wait for a storm to develop before you purchase insurance. Many companies won't sell policies with hurricanes off the coast.