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1. What is the first step to apply for the business assistance grant?
2. How do I get assistance to apply for the business assistance grant?
3. What should I have ready before I start the application?
4. How do I know which industry to select?
5. What are the options under “Additional Industry Information”?
6. My business in not on the “Additional Industry Information” list above. Am I still eligible?
7. I am Self-Employed, how do I use the Full-Time Equivalent Calculator?
8. How do I estimate my average monthly business expenses or COVID-19 Impact?
9. Where can I find the following documents to submit with the application?
10. How do I obtain the most recent State of Florida business filing Annual Report for my business?
11. What is the website for the IRS Form W-9?
12. What information do I have to fill out on the IRS Form W-9?
13. If my application is fully approved, how will the funds be disbursed to my business?
14. Am I able to save and come back to my application?
15. What is the review process?
16. What if my application is incomplete?