Tim Loucks

City Council
Title: Council Member - District 3

Tim Loucks Groveland City Council District 3

Tim is a native of Florida and grew up in small town in West Orange County much like Groveland. He and his wife Susan moved to Groveland in 2007.

Tim retired from Reedy Creek Energy Service at Walt Disney World in 2015 after 27 years of service. During Tim’s employment with Reedy Creek Energy he served in the Water Resource Division, Energy Production Division as well as the Energy Distribution Division.

Tim’s tenure with Reedy Creek Energy allowed him to bring wealth of knowledge and experience in municipal infrastructure and services, contract administration and governmental procurement to the City of Groveland.

Tim was first elected to the Groveland City Council and served as Vice Mayor from 2010 through 2013.

In 2013 Tim was appointed as Mayor then re-elected as Mayor in 2014 and severed through 2016.

Tim co-founded the South Lake Regional Water Initiative in 2010 and was honored to serve as its co-chair while leading the team in receiving over 6.5 million in cost share grants from the Water Management District and the State of Florida for new and expanded water infrastructure projects for the years 2012-2015.

These appropriations set a record for Lake County in cost sharing grants for both domestic and reclaimed water projects.

The City of Groveland was the recipient of 4.5 million of this funding. The funding was designed to reflect a decrease in the end user’s utility rates that were previously being misallocated to fund capital improvement projects.

Tim is considered an expert in current and future water supplies and municipal infrastructure throughout Central Florida.

A commonly unrecognized fact is that any city that cannot supply a basic need such as a sustainable and affordable water supply will fail through stagnation due to its lack of ability to attract new economic growth or retain its existing economic drivers because of its inability to supply basic municipal services at an affordable cost.

Tim can now factually assure new and existing development that Groveland is one of the few cities in Florida to overcome this challenge.

Tim is extremely proud to have been part of resolving Groveland’s water supply issue through the utilization his inter-governmental relation skills and fact driven methods. 

A little known fact is beginning in 2008 thru 2012 Groveland’s growth rate had stagnated due to a turn down in the national economic.  

Tim is extremely proud as Groveland’s Mayor in 2013 through 2016 and with the cooperation of the City Council, to have led Groveland to the ranking of number one in new growth in Central Florida.

Tim views on local government are simply and straight forward.

Over the years our government and its people have become divided through misunderstandings and struggles for power at all levels.

Local government involvement should not be based on a desire for power or divided through simple misunderstandings. These issues can be easily resolved through healthy and fact driven debate based on a common goal that is designed for the good of all the people.  

Tim strongly feels this philosophy should be one of the City Councils and staff’s main objectives in the          upcoming months and years. 

We must begin to win the trust of the people back while instilling in our citizens, elected officials and staff, that if we all share a similar common goal and an honest desire for cooperation while resolving complicated issues, Groveland will once again stand as a leader in Lake County.



Tim possess a wide range of education and experience suited to Municipal Government.

  • Clemson University / Municipal Utility Maintenance Management 
  • Valencia Community College/ Social Sciences
  • Mid Florida Tech. Municipal Civil Design
  • Walt Disney University Advance Microsoft Access Data Management
  • Walt Disney University Municipal Infrastructure Procurement
  • Walt Disney University Contract Administration
  • Walt Disney World University Intergovernmental Relations and Methods

Tim’s professional affiliations span a lifetime.

  • The South Lake Regional Water Initiative / Co-Founder
  • National Ground Water Conservatory
  • Central Florida Water Initiative
  • The South Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • The National League of Mayors
  • The Florida League of Mayors
  • The National League of Cities
  • The Florida League of Cities
  • Mayor The City of Groveland
  • City Council Member/Vice Mayor The City of Groveland
  • City of Groveland Community Redevelopment Agency
  • City of  Groveland Land Planning Agency
  • South Lake Regional Park Planning Committee
  • Wellness Way Leadership Team
  • Project Team 15yr Capital Infrastructure Planning Reedy Creek Energy Services
  • Industrial Safety Committee Reedy Creek Energy Service
  • Electronic Maintenance Management Implementation Team Reedy Creek Energy Services
  • Infrastructure Material Procurement and Contract Team Reedy Creek Energy Services 


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