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MISSION – Our mission as the City of Groveland Utility Department is to continue to assess, and enhance the level of service we provide our community. We will strive to develop a superior level of service through experience, training, and self initiative.

The City of Groveland is a full service utility providing reclaimed water production and distribution, potable water production and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, and infrastructure inspections on all projects.The City of Groveland utility service area encompasses approximately 73 square miles with 95 miles of water pipelines, 9 production wells, 3 wastewater treatment facilities, 31 miles of sanitary force main, 39 lift stations, 45 miles of gravity sewer lines, and 30 miles of reclaimed water lines.

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Manual of Standards


Water Conservation

The City of Groveland encourages its customers to do their part to conserve our most precious resource to ensure availability for future generations. Proper conservation can be achieved by reducing wasteful uses of water sources. The City of Groveland is deicated to protecting this resource through practical water use efficiency, regional approaches to water conservation, and alternative water supply initiatives.


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Water Scam Awareness  

Please be aware of water testing gimmicks.  Some companies solicit business through door hangers and mail made to look official.  They may say that it is recommended for your water to be tested on a regular basis or that there may be harmful bacteria in your water or other similar phrases aimed to alert your senses.  You may presume the material is a “sales pitch” unless the material includes the official City of Groveland logo and address.

The City of Groveland water utility system is governed by numerous state and federal rules and regulations.  The City of Groveland tests the potable water system daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually for the health and safety of our consumers.  Copies of the City’s Annual Water Quality reports are available below.

For additional information on the potable water system, contact the Public Utilities Department.

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Water Quality Reports

 The City of Groveland withdraws its water from the Floridan Aquifer through wells ranging in depth from approximately 450 to 700 feet deep.The water, typically of good standards, is disinfected and pumped throughout the system to customers.The potable water system is routinely monitored and tested by state certified personnel to ensure quality and safety.

Drinking Water Reports

2013-Annual-Drinking-Water-Palisades-Report 2013-Annual-Drinking-Water-City-of-Groveland-Report 2013-Annual-Drinking-Water-Sunshine-Report


Collections (Sewer) / Distributions (Water)

Antonio Trevino

Lead Collection/Distribution Operator

Phone (352) 429 – 0227

The wastewater collection department provides daily service to the sanitary sewer collection system through lift station maintenance and valve exercising and maintenance.The wastewater collection department also inspects, cleans and repairs sanitary sewer laterals, responds to customer reports of sewage backup, and performs mainline leak repairs.

The water distribution department provides daily service to the potable water distribution system through fire hydrant exercising and maintenance, valve exercising and maintenance, meter installation and repair.The water distribution department also provides meter reading data to the utility billing department, responds to customer reports of rusty water, and performs line leak repairs.



      Chuck Mack – Chief Plant Operator

      Phone (352) 429 – 0227

The City of Groveland operates and maintains three wastewater treatment facilities capable of treating a combined capacity of 2.055 million gallons per day and five water treatment facilities capable of producing a permitted capacity of 4.3 million gallons per day.

Reclaimed Water Distribution

The City of Groveland provides reclaimed water for irrigation to Green Valley Country Club and various subdivisions within the system.By providing reclaim water for lawn irrigation, the City of Groveland helps promote water conservation through reduced groundwater withdrawals.

The City’s two wastewater treatment facilities currently provide approximately 420,000 gallons per day of reclaim water.Both facilities are currently designed to produce one-million gallons per day each at full build out.Both facilities have the capability of being expanded to three-million gallons per day each.

oCustomer Notice

Antonio Trevino

Lead Collection/Distribution Operator

Phone (352) 429 – 0227

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