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Ronald Sefton Gaffney Memorial Park

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Located on Maravilla Way in the Marina del Rey subdivision, Ronald Sefton Gaffney Memorial Park is slated to be opened to the public in early 2017. The park design is currently in the 90% phase and will moving into the permitting phase during the February/March 2016 time frame. The Recreation Advisory Committee (RAC) has had oversight of this project, and participated in the initial planning process, as well as assessed the design plan at the 30%, 60%, and 90% phases. The minutes from the RAC meetings provide details to the recommendations made between phases. 

The 7.5 acre site is currently undeveloped with several trees located throughout. The proposed project will involve the construction of a stormwater management system to support the development of the site for recreational purposes. The proposed site amenities include a grassed parking lot, dog park facilities, grassed nature trails, and other associated infrastructure. 

Gaffney photo
Specialist Ronald Sefton Gaffney was born on April 6, 1943, graduated from Groveland High School in 1961, and died in the Vietnam War on February 19, 1965 at the young age of 21. He was well respected by his peers, teachers and community; and loved eternally by his close friends and family.

Ronald Sefton Gaffney was a United States Army Special Forces Combat Engineer Specialist 5 at the time of his death; serving more than three years; and was attached to Unit DET B-123, 1st Special Forces Group, US Army Specialist Command Vietnam, MACV. He was serving in the role of an advisor to the South Vietnamese Army. He died immediately from small arms gun fire while rescuing two wounded Vietnamese soldiers in the Phu Yen Province of South Vietnam.

Specialist Ronald Sefton Gaffney gave his young life in the service of his country, selflessly trying to save the lives of two foreign soldiers and sadly becoming the only Groveland, Florida casualty of the Vietnam War.