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Lake David Center

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Max Occupancy 75

Lake David Center Rules

Building Inspection

Resolution 2013-07-18


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Kitchen w/o range
  3. Restrooms
Formerly known as the Women's Club, the Lake David Center is located at Lake David Park, adjacent to the skate park. The Lake David Center was constructed in the early nineteen thirties through a Works Project Administration (W.P.A) funds program. Minutes from the June 11, 1934 Town Council meeting show that a motion was made to hang doors on the community building at the Park, indicating 1934 as the year of construction.
The building features a beautiful high ceiling, wood flooring, and a gas fireplace, as well as a kitchen (without a range). It is often used for smaller community events, such as Girl Scout meetings, baby showers, and family dinners. 

Rental Fees

The Lake David Center has the following available for use:
5 - 72" L x 30" W 
8 - 5' Round
4 - 4' Round
74 chairs

If you require more tables and chairs, or tables of a different dimension, you will be responsible for providing them. 

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