2021 Groveland Code Update

The City of Groveland continues its mission of preserving our community’s natural charm while enhancing sustainable development for long term success. Since the adoption of the Community Development Code last October, the department has proposed additional code revisions designed to support efforts in realizing our vision of cultivating a beautiful and thriving city. The new code revisions are open to public feedback and are as follows: 

  • Corrected scrivener’s errors
  • Corrected Green Swamp Town open space requirements from 15% to 30%
  • Enhanced detail on garage orientation
  • Enhanced Dark Sky lighting requirements
  • Enhanced fencing requirements 

Code Update: 2021-Groveland-Code-Update--1 (groveland-fl.gov)

These updates will be discussed at the Planning & Zoning Board meeting on August 5th at 3pm at the Puryear building, located at 243 South Lake Avenue, Groveland, FL 34736. We encourage community members to attend!

To provide feedback or ask questions, please contact the Planning Division at planning@groveland-fl.gov