Fire Operations

Fire Department Operations

The Groveland Fire Department provides the community with Fire, Erich_ThiemannRescue, and Emergency Medical Services.  From three strategically located stations, our Advanced Life Support fire engines respond to over 2,300 calls for service annually (2019).  Each fire engine is staffed with a minimum of three firefighters including and officer, a driver, and a least one paramedic. Our crews members are highly trained and capable of responding to a wide variety of emergencies. From vehicle accidents that require the use of specialized extrication tools, to water based emergencies where our Marine Unit and Dive Team perform search and rescue operations, the Groveland Fire Department stands ready to assist anyone in need.  

Groveland Fire Department’s response units are dispatched by Lake County Emergency 911 Dispatch using a GPS based “closest unit” response system.  Units are dispatched to calls based on their geographic proximity to the call location which allows for the shortest response time.  Often times emergency units from neighboring cities respond into Groveland as well as Groveland’s units respond into theirs as part of a shared mutual aid agreement.  This agreement helps ensure the “closest unit” always gets dispatched.

You may see our fire engines, Engine 94, Engine 95, and Engine 96 around town as they respond to and from emergency calls.  Our crews also visit local businesses and certain designated locations as part of incident pre-planning.  At times, you may also see our firefighters participating in various training events throughout the city.

  1. Erich Thiemann

    Deputy Fire Chief / EM Coordinator