Sewer Use Ordinance FAQs


New Sewer Use Ordinance Now in Effect

On October 7, 2019 the City of Groveland City Council approved Ordinance 2019-51, which adopted a new Sewer Use Ordinance.  The main purpose of this new program is to protect the environment, the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) facilities and personnel, and the local community from adverse effects due to industrial waste discharges. 

One of the requirements of this new ordinance is that all Industrial Facilities must apply for an Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit and will be subject to the City’s Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP).    The new ordinance and associated application (Pages 59-78 of 86) have been included in a link on this page. 

The application for the Industrial Wastewater Permit must be submitted to Cory Hulsman, Operations & Maintenance Project Manager for the City of Groveland, FL, WWTP, to email With receipt of the Industrial Wastewater Permit Letter, you will have 60 days to reply or wastewater discharge privileges may be revoked.  The criteria for permitting is listed below.

In consideration of the granting of the Wastewater Discharge Permit, the applicant agrees:

  1. All Industrial Wastewater Dischargers will be subject to the rules and regulations of the Groveland Sewer Use Ordinance 2019-51 while completing and submitting their permit application as well as during the City’s permit application review period.  Any violations of said ordinance during this time period may result in the rejection of the permit application, fines/surcharges, and/or revoking of all wastewater discharge privileges to the City sewer until such time that provisions have been put in place to prevent such violations in the future;
  2. To furnish any additional information on industrial wastewater discharges as required or requested by the City;
  3. To accept and abide by all provisions of ordinances, policies and guidelines of the City;
  4. To operate and maintain any required industrial wastewater treatment devices in a satisfactory approved manner;
  5. To cooperate at all times with the City’s personnel, or their representatives, in the inspection, sampling and study of industrial wastewater facilities and discharges;
  6. To immediately notify the City at 352-973-3664 during normal working hours or at 352-429-4166 after 4 PM EST or on weekends in the event of any accident, negligence or other occurrence that causes the discharge to the sewer of any material whose nature and quantity might be reasonably judged to constitute a hazard to the public health, environment, or wastewater treatment facilities;
  7. To quarterly pay to the City the required surcharge(s), user charge fees, and/or fines for the industrial discharges;
  8. To submit, as required by the City, accurate data on industrial wastewater discharges flows and wastewater constituents;
  9. To operate only one (1) industrial wastewater discharge point to the sewage system under the authority granted by the permit;
  10. To submit additional pages as required to furnish the necessary information if there is inadequate room on the reverse side of the permit form to complete submittal of requested data;
  11. To apply for a revised City Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit if any change in industrial processes, production, method of wastewater treatment, or operations creates a significant change in industrial wastewater quantity or quality, or, if the quantity of quality of wastewater discharged changes by more than 25% or changes above any other threshold level specified in the industrial waste permit requirements;
  12. To provide immediate access to authorized personnel of the City to any facility directly or indirectly connected to the City’s sewerage system under emergency conditions and at all other reasonable times;
  13. To apply for a renewed City Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit at least ninety (90) days before the five-(5) year expiration date;
  14. To comply with all requirements and conditions of approval specified in the permit requirement list within the specified deadlines - Failure to do so invalidates the permit approval;
  15. To immediately cease and desist all industrial wastewater discharges and/or treat/remove any industrial discharge that contains hazardous materials or constituents which are in violation of the City’s issued Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit;
  16. To put into place wastewater pretreatment systems that prevent constant or repeated violations of the wastewater discharge permit - Failure to implement proper wastewater pretreatment systems may result in Notice of Violations (NOVs), revocation of the wastewater discharge permit, and/or financial penalties.