Neighborhood Grant

neighborhood grant backgroundWhat is it?
  • —Neighborhood Grants will be offered for improvements to public property or projects that have a public benefit.
  • ——Non profit agencies may apply. The use of matching funds or volunteer hours is encouraged.
  • Total of —$20,000 in Neighborhood Grants was approved in the budget for FY 2016 by City Council.
  • Grant between $1,000 and $5,000 per project.
  • —Some projects could include but are not limited too: park improvements, minor maintenance issues, signage, neighborhood centers /clubhouse improvements.
  • —Applications will be available June 10th at City Hall and on the City Website.
  • —Press Release submitted by June 10th.
  • —Email applications to Home Owner Associations by June 10th
  • —Advertisement City Wide in water bill by June 17th .
  • —Application deadline is August 19, 2016.
  • —Funding recommendations will be provided at the first City Council in September
Staff Review 
  • —Project Information
  • Is the project clearly explained?
  • Is a community need identified?
  • Does the project address the community need?
  • —Project Effectiveness
  • Is the project addressing the need in the most efficient way?
  • —Capacity
  • Does the entity applying have the resources to make the project successful?
  • —Maximizes / Leveraging Re-courses
  • How much of the project is being completely funded by the City?
  • Are volunteers and or donations from other sources being utilized? 

Please submit application by mail to
Attn: Rodney Lucas, Acting Director, 156 S. Lake Ave., Groveland, FL 34736
 or email:
Neighborhood Grant Application