Flooding & Water Damage

Get Insured

Most people could not get flood insurance until the late 1960s. Individual insurance companies would not assume the risk of insuring home that were on a recognizable flood plain. When congress created the National Flood Insurance Program in 1968, the citizens in these areas were able to afford some financial protection. Losses due to flooding are usually not covered under most homeowner's policies.

However, it is a good idea to purchase riders that protect you in case of flooding. Fortunately, the City of Groveland is not considered a flood hazard area. Although the city is on relatively high ground in certain areas, and has an engineered drainage system, given strong enough rain conditions and storms, there may be localized flooding in the area. Get further information on areas with the potential for flooding.

Additional Information

Contact your insurance agent and discuss the insurance options you have concerning flooding and flood protection. If your home floods or you have water damage from another source such as a broken window that lets driving rain in, or water resulting from fire suppression activities, view the information on the Protecting Your Home page to minimize the damage.