Disaster Information

The administration of the City of Groveland is very concerned about the safety of its citizens. This section is to be used as a guide to help you before and after a disaster. Fire Department personnel will be more than happy to answer any questions or assist you in a time of crisis. Just call the Fire Department at 352-429-1209.
  1. Flooding & Water Damage

    Get information about flooding and water damage.

  2. Planning Ahead

    The safest place to be during a violent storm is underground. However, a small room in the middle of the house, such as a closet or under the stairs, is the best. Learn more about planning ahead in the case of a disaster.

  3. Protecting Your Business

    The City of Groveland wants no business to experience a disaster, but odds are businesses will. Disasters are not only violent storms, but can be accidents, civil disturbances, and other incidents.

  4. Protecting Your Home

    Get helpful and important information about protecting your home, including roof damage, windows, doors, and much more.

  5. Storm Notices

    Obtain important storm notice information, including tropical storm, thunderstorm, and tornado watches.

  6. Weather Disasters

    Most disasters come with no warning. However, incidents such as hurricanes and tornadoes, which have devastating effects, do come with some type of advanced notice.