Public Utilities

Mission Statement

Our mission as the City of Groveland Utility Department is to continue to evaluate and enhance the level of service we provide our community. We will strive to develop a superior level of service through experience, training, and self-initiative.

The City of Groveland is a full-service utility providing reclaimed water production and distribution, potable water production and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, and infrastructure inspections on all projects.

Utility Service Area

The City of Groveland utility service area encompasses approximately 73 square-miles with:

  • 2 wastewater treatment facilities
  • 9 production wells
  • 56 miles of reclaimed water lines
  • 64 miles of sanitary force main
  • 60 lift stations
  • 50 miles of gravity sewer lines
  • 100 miles of water pipelines

Report a Public Utilities Issue

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